pair of Thonet bentwood chairs

Check out my newest find..
Yes, that's a pair of genuine Thonet bentwood chairs!!  :)  I was so excited after I found these beauties I could hardly wait to get home and start doing some research.

Look at those curves!

Based on the style of the inner paper tag, these chairs were made between 1888 and 1922.  Super cool!

I'm torn if I want to sell them or keep them for myself.  My friend joked that I'm going to be on a TV show for hording in 20 years if I keep everything I find.  He's probably right.  But but.. they are soooooo cute!


  1. Keep you're a hoarder who cares! This is a great find :) Thanks for sharing have a great weekend.

    1. I like that thought! :) Now I just need to find a spot for them in my home...

  2. I have 2 of those chairs, but never really knew the history of them. When I get off the computer, I'll have to go check underneath for any labels. Unfortunately somebody added black "pleather" seat covers. :@ I love my chairs! I say "Keep 'em!"

  3. You MUST keep them! I have 6 chairs very similar but none that are actual Thonet. Amazing find! Enjoy them...

  4. I love those - keep them! I just found two bentwood stools on CL and can't wait to repaint them for my home!

  5. I'd vote to keep them. My husband has long had a passion for Thonet pieces. These are a great find! I say, you can always find a spot for a couple of chairs. You could even hang these on the wall. LOL
    ~ Sarah

  6. Painting chairs such as these is in my opinion a criminal offence.........

  7. great post! i have one chair too, with that label that you had! So, thanks for doing the research and narrowing down a time period!