color me: charcoal gray

 vanity, Decor Pad
Color Me: Charcoal Gray, Pantone 18-0601

Charcoal Gray is a moody medium/dark gray color. It's a cool gray with blue and purple undertones.  This gray works nicely layered with other neutrals for subtle beauty or paired with vibrant colors for a unique style that is all your own.  Furniture, walls, home decor.. you can't go wrong with this rich, dark gray!

upholstered chair, Anthropologie

tile, Decor Pad

desk, HGTV

bedding, West Elm

So what do you think?  Do you have any charcoal gray items in your home?  I just repainted our dining room a medium gray (Rockport Gray by BM) and am loving it!

color me: fair aqua

hutch, Schue Love
Color Me: Fair Aqua, Pantone 12-5409

Fair Aqua is a beautiful, light, robin's egg blue color. It's cool and crisp just like a mid winter frost.  Light blue is a popular color used to modernize outdated furniture.  Use this color as an accent or main attraction and it's sure to be a big hit!

upholstered chair, Manolo Home

metal fan, etsy

sideboard, Be Colorful

wall, Alkemie

couch, Houzz

I would love to hear your thoughts on this light aqua color. Do you have any fair aqua pieces in your home? Furniture? Accent pieces? Painted wall? Talk to me!

Etsy Finds feature!!

Guess what?!?!  My map desk was featured on the 'Head of the Class" Etsy Finds email today!  The Etsy finds email goes out to all Etsy members, both shop owners and non shop owners.  Super cool, huh? :)

To say the listing has gotten a lot of views is a understatement. :)  I'm sure it will new home soon, so it may be enjoyed for a long time.

Interested in more information?  Check out the desk before and process and after!