another Tell City chair done

I just love these rose back Tell City chairs.  They are so pretty and fun to work on.  This chair was a custom order for a client who was looking for a new desk chair.  Check out the before pictures here.

The wood was stripped down and painted a soothing medium gray color.

The seat was reupholstered in Because Purple by Suburban Home.

I also antiqued the entire chair in a black glaze to bring out all of the lovely details.  This really makes the flower pop.

I quickly snapped a few pictures before I packaged the chair up and sent it off to Cali.


  1. Love the purple with the chair. it makes it pop
    Over from Miss Mustard Seed.

  2. I'm over from Miss Mustard Seed. "Tell City Chair" caught my eye. I grew up in a town right next to Tell City and several relatives worked for the chair company, including my dad! I looked around your blog to see your other Tell City chairs and I really love how you give them new life!

    1. Thank you! I LOVE working on the rose back chairs! They are by far my favorite. :)

  3. Hi! Found you via MMS - lovely project. I had never heard of Tell City before (from Minnesota?!)Love the pairing of the purple fabric with the gray painted chair.

    I am trying to transition my work from outside the home (doing decorative painting projects and design work) to re-doing furniture for selling my work in an upscale store or two. I am hunting down a few possibilities here on Long Island - and one or two in Westchester County upstate. Have to find a place like your store that you have your furniture in!! Looking for the Lucketts (from Miss Mustardseed's site) of NY!

    I am a new follower...hopefully you will do the same. Perhaps we could do some guest posting on each other's sites (to help us get some more followers!).

    Loving your blog...


    1. Thank you! The Tell City chairs were made in Tell City, Indiana. They are my favorite chairs to work on. I think the carved flower details are so pretty.

      I would love it if there was a Lucketts in the Minneapolis area. There are a few shops that are similar, but they just aren't quite the same.

      Thanks for following! I am a new follower to you as well. Guest posting sounds great! :) Email me and we can work through some details!


  4. Gorgeous! The antiquing totally makes the flower pop! Your client will be soooo happy :)