floral back chair

Say hello to chair lucky number 7 (but who's counting).

I found this vintage chair on craigs list and knew right away how I wanted to refinish it.  My plan is to sand, prime and paint the wood a bright color and then black glaze over to bring out the flower detail. 

As you can see the fabric is pretty gross, but that doesn't scare me.  There's actually 3 layers of fabric on this chair.  It will be interesting to see what each looks like, briefly, before they go straight into the garbage.

Update:  I flipped the chair upside down and to my surprise the original manufacturer sticker was still on the bottom.  So I did a little research.  The chair was made by Tell City Chairs in the early 1950's.  Way cool.

Update 2:  I have finished the chair!!  Check out all of it's beauty here.

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