tall back carved detail chairs

Check out these beauties I found..
I have three of them.  Kind of strange, but that didn't stop me from getting them.  I wonder if the fourth chair suffered some kind of chair accident.  :(

Aren't the carved details in the back just gorgeous?!?  They look Moroccan inspired.  And talk about height!  These chairs are tall and hea-vy!  Okay, not that heavy, but heavier than most chairs.

I'm excited to get them cleaned up, reupholstered and sent to a new home.  :)  I will certainly keep you updated on my progress.

Update:  These chairs have now been finished and given a new home.  Check out all of the details here.


  1. Fab chair....I can't wait to see the transformation! ;-) have fun painting! x

  2. Love renewed furniture....as long as someone else does it!!! Looking forward to seeing the finished product.